What is CGAuxOnSite?

CGAuxOnSite is dedicated to the Coast Guard, Shipping and Boating community worldwide. Coast Guard active duty from all worldwide Coast Guards, and people interested in the missions of the Coast Guard are invited to share reports using photos, videos and text.

Available for both the iPhone and Android devices, with the CGAuxOnSite app you can now take pictures and videos of news and events and then submit them instantly for everyone to see - right from where you are. Or, use the CGAuxOnSite website gallery at cgauxonsite.cgaux.com

Don't have a mobile phone? That's OK. You can also submit your photos through the CGAuxOnSite website at

Just register on the web or through the app and you can begin posting photos, videos and descriptions..

 All of the postings are published immediately and to date have been positive.  If a user makes a negative or inappropriate post, it will be deleted and the user’s account limited to having all future posts reviewed before posting. 

So, here's your mission!

Start submitting reports, stories, or events concerning your involvement or observations of the Coast Guards or boating worldwide. .

Occasionally we will post assignments on CGAuxOnSite requesting photos and videos from specific events. You will get an alert on the app icon on your phone when a new assignment is posted.

The site will only become more valuable as you contribute.

It’s your site - enjoy.

Let the rest of the community hear from you.


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